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    Shiba Blastar
    ShibaBlastar a useful cryptocurrency that creates wealth across the world.

10,000 shibablastar to adopt

Each nft contains millions of shibablastar tokens

2023 objective : reach 0.10$ per shibablastar token

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Group of Nfts

benefits of owning a shibablastar nft

  • You will have 3 million to 500 million shibablastar tokens in your wallet.
  • The number of tokens depends on the governance role assigned to the nft.
  • You will participate in the project activity by voting and you will receive shibablastar tokens as reward.
  • You will have access to the contest for the most beautiful shibablastar to try to win one of the 5 prizes :
    • The first prize : $50,000 in ethereum
    • Second prize : $10,000 in ethereum
    • Third Prize : MacBook Pro 16- 32-Core GPU
    • Fourth prize : Iphone 14 pro
    • Fifth prize : IPad Air

usefulness of the shibablastar cryptocurrency

  • Create financial abundance for people using shibablastar cryptocurrency by allowing them to purchase items at only 10% of their value. The shibablastar cryptocurrency serves as an exchange currency.
  • Allow people to transform items that no longer use into shibablastar cryptocurrency.
  • Allow investors to acquire a cryptocurrency whose value is guaranteed by a stable system. The shibablastar is useful and can always be exchanged for items directly on its platform.
  • Guarantee the transactions the purchase and sale of goods in cryptocurrency via the shibablastar platform.

Recover your nft shibablastar

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Each nft is linked to a role and a number of shibablastar tokens
100% decentralized project managed by governance tokens (nft shibablastar)
Only 10,000 nfts. Join us quickly

recover a nft

The different roles available


(Bankers) are 200 in number

Number of Shibablastar content : 200 million

Their role: They vote on the distribution of budgets for the project (advertising budget, association budget in favor of shiba inu, budget for the purchase of goods for the platform, etc.). They Vote the distribution of advertising earnings.


(Presidents) are 100 in number

Number of Shibablastar content : 500 million

Their role: They validate the voting decisions of the Akito (the shibablastar people) and the Hachiro (the bankers) and can decide to reject a vote that does not seem good to them for the project.


(Organizers) are 850 in number

Number of Shibablastar content : 50 million

Their role: They organize and vote on the dates of the online conferences to discuss the project. (how to improve the project, ... )


(Jurists) are 850 in number

Number of Shibablastar content : 50 million

Their role: They validate the terms of use of the project and the voting conditions for governance tokens. They validate partnerships with other projects and validate advertisers.


(The shibablastar people) are 8000 in number

Number of shibablastar content : 3 million 125

Their role: They vote on the orientations of the project and organize the voting dates. They vote advertising rates, discounts on items...

The shibablastar project will go to the moon with you!

In addition to participating in an incredible project, you can win one of 5 gifts if your Shiba Blastar is one of the 5 most beautiful Shiba Blastar elected by people.
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contest prize
  • I Phone 14 pro
  • $ 1 100
contest prize
  • $ 10 000
  • in ethereum
contest prize
$ 50 000 in ethereum
  • The first prize
contest prize
  • MacBook Pro
  • $ 2 500
contest prize
  • IPad Air
  • $ 600
See contest conditions.
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Recover your nft quickly, there are only 10,000!
2525 have already been recovered.
Shibablastar a cryptocurrency project that creates wealth in the world.


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NFTs remaining

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Project progress

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Here are the 7 steps

  • Step validated at 75%
  • Step 1

    Creation of the cryptocurrency by the founder of the Nagahyko project.
    500,000,000,000 Shiba Blastar are created.

    • 40% is blocked to be shared with the 10,000 NFTs bearing the effigy of the shiba Blastar that will be put up for sale.
    • 30% is locked in a Uniswap pool and the keys burned.
    • 20% is blocked to allow mining of the Shiba Blastar cryptocurrency from the launch of the platform.
    • 10% is blocked to reward NFT holders who will participate in the evolution and securing of the project by voting system.
  • Step 2

    Creation of the shibablastar.org platform with the “general ledger” space to follow the extraction of the shibablastar cryptocurrency.

    • Sale of 10,000 NFTs with the image of Shiba Blastar.

    Each nft is attached to a role to allow the decentralization of the project. Depending on the role, the nft is linked to a number of shibablastar tokens. The tokens shiba Blastar which can only be recovered when the 10,000 nfts are sold.

  • Step 3

    • Unlocking the 40% of shiba Blastar to share with the holders of the 10,000 NFTs.

    Each NFT owner will receive a number of shiba Blastar tokens according to the role linked to their nft.

    • Organization of the contest to elect the most beautiful shibablastar. This contest will be reserved only for 7000 nfts representing the disguised shibablastar having been sold in progressive sale. Nfts with the contract number: 0x3eC47A4B61e7B3466f081ed686bbD908c601aA48
  • Step 4

    Result of the contest for the most beautiful shibablastar and distribution of gifts.

  • Step 5

    Creation of the shibablastar.org platform to make the token useful with the addition of merchandise (mobile phone, multimedia products, electric car, etc.).
    30% of the earnings generated from the sale of the 10,000 NFTs are used to purchase items that can be exchanged for ShibaBlastar on the platform.
    Utility of the platform:

    • Allow the community to exchange products or services between members for shibaBlastar tokens. A secure system guaranteeing transactions will be available.
    • Allow the community to increase its purchasing power by taking advantage of the redistribution of earnings generated by the sale of advertising space on the platform.
      • 80% of advertising earnings will be used to put products online on the platform that can be purchased for a few ShibaBlastar (mobile phone, computers, clothes, etc.). "Discount price" operations will be created each month to allow reductions of up to 90% on items on the platform.
    • Allow the community to mine ShibaBlastar by participating in the activity of the platform (checking announcements, validating sponsors, organizing "discount price" operations, etc.).
    • Allow NFT holders to manage the project by voting system to ensure 100% decentralization of the project.
    • Allow the valorization of the shibablastar token by guaranteeing a real value by the possibility of being able to exchange the shibablastar token at any time for a product or service.
    • Allow the community to guarantee the decentralization of the shibablastar token.
    • Allow the community to invest 10% of the earnings generated by advertising space in projects in favor of the shiba inu (association).
    • Allow the burning of up to 10% of shibaBlastar earned with the sale of advertising space.
  • Step 6

    Launch of the Shibablastar.org platform to enable the shibablastar community to increase its purchasing power.

  • Final Objective

    Increase in the value of the shibaBlastar token with the implementation of an automatic burning system.

    • Installation of buy/sell transaction fees on the platform (equivalent to 1.5% of the value of the item).
      Automatic burning of shibablastar tokens that have been received for buy/sell transaction fees.
    • The final objective will be to reach the symbolic bar of 1 dollar for 1 shibaBlastar token.

Why invest in the ShibaBlastar ?


A profitable investment

Each NFT owner will receive 25 million shibaBlastar once the 10,000 NFTs are sold.
The final objective of the ShibaBlastar is to reach $1.
Buying a ShibaBlastar NFT could make you a millionaire.

A cryptocurrency project that creates wealth.

A cryptocurrency project that creates wealth. Shiba blastar is the first cryptocurrency that promotes personal enrichment. Its ShibaBlastar.org platform will allow you to consume differently to improve their way of life.

A useful and not just speculative token

Shibablastar can be used as currency to acquire new and used items on its ShibaBlastar.org market place. Holders of shibablastar will be able to acquire mobile phones, clothing, multimedia products ... at reduced prices during “Discount Price” operations.

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    Shiba Blastar
    ShibaBlastar a useful cryptocurrency that creates wealth across the world.

What is ShibaBlastar cryptocurrency ?


Best cryptocurrency that creates more economic freedom in the world. Thousands of items are available in exchange for the shibablastar crypto. Shibablastar cryptocurrency users can thus increase their purchasing power through the acquisition of discounted items.

Crypto mining, more specifically shibablastar cryptocurrency is done through several processes available in your shibablastar account. A useful token that can be used safe investment. Indeed, the value of the shibablastar cryptocurrency is indexed to the value of all the products posted on its market place. Contrary crypto like bitcoin, shibablastar can still be traded because the shibablastar.org marketplace ensures the supply of new items. The crypto shibablastar can be used to ensure the security of two transactions during a "buy / sell" process between two people.

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